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Redefining Early Childhood Education

We bring together the best of educational science, technology and child care expertise to unveil your child's infinite potential.
Our Brand Belief

It's not about what you learn, it's how you learn

At Fueling Brains, we are trying to develop something called fluid intelligence in our children. Fluid intelligence is the ability to adapt to new situations, to apply logic and creative thinking on problems that you've never experienced before. In other words, we are teaching kids how to learn and to be passionate about that learning before we start piling on the what-to-learn.

Our Vision

Fueling Brains will transform the world of early childhood education through its holistic, whole brain development. Children will grow into well-rounded, well regulated and joyful adults who serve their community and shape the future.

Our Mission

Our mission at Fueling Brains is to redefine early childhood education with a research led approach and provide children with 'equity of opportunity' for lifelong success and wellness.
Join The Revolution

Meet The Team

Fueling Brains is redefining early childhood education by gathering together the best information and practices for science, technology, and early childcare from across the globe this would not be possible without our management team of experts leading the way
Faisal Alimohd.png

Co-Founder & Chief Financial Officer

Faisal Alimohd

Faisal, is an entrepreneur, proud husband and father to two energetic children. He is the co-founder of many ELCC programs with Dr. Karim which are changing the landscape of early learning education in North America, including Building Brains, KidsU and Fueling Brains. Faisal has managed construction of 10 ELCC campuses, has worked with private public and nonprofit organizations and served/serves on various Boards of Directors. Co-founder of Mission Possible, following the aftermath of 2013 Southern Alberta floods, Mission Possible utilized 25,000 volunteers to assist 4,000 homes. Before moving his experience into the child care industry, Faisal also managed his own accounting firm, worked for the big 5 accounting firms and with multi-billion dollar oil and gas companies. He is a Chartered Accountant/Chartered Professional Accountant and Certified Internal Auditor.


Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Swami Venkat

Swami is an entrepreneur with a focus on bringing innovative technology solutions to Early Childhood Education. He has over 25 years of experience and is currently the Co-Founder and CTO for Fueling Brains and 1Core Solution, a Cloud based childcare center management solution. He has successfully launched Cloud based solutions for child development centers in the U.S. DoD sector. He manages an off-shore development and support center in Chennai, India that specializes in the early childhood domain.

Nada Samar.png

Director | Talent Solutions

Nada Samar

Nada is an HR professional with a multicultural global outlook that spans across Canada, USA, and India. She holds an MBA in Marketing and completed her HR studies at Cornell University. Nada leads the Human Resources and Talent Solutions portfolio where her work is driven by the philosophy that technology augmented with the right people will be the game changer for the organization. She is a change champion, an avid reader and an eternal optimist.

Lois Garcia.png

Director | Education Services

Lois Garcia

10+ years in the Education Industry. Former Montessori Head of School, Regional Director of Operations in Early Childhood, School Operator, Curriculum Specialist for North America, VP Operations serving Texas, California, Florida, Arizona School Districts Originally from Puerto Rico, Lois has had a lifetime passion in serving the community. A bilingual leader from humble beginnings and coming from a long line of Educators, her mission is to bring resources and support to the area’s most in need. Lois graduated from Texas A&M in College Station with a BS in Biomedical Science and pursued research as a platform to support social justice efforts and become an advocate for children. Her experience ranges from serving Early Childhood through Secondary Education and Post-Secondary Education. She has built schools throughout the United States and supported them through daily operations, licensing, curriculum development, and accreditation processes.

Marva Rasberry.png

Director | School Collaborations & Partnerships

Marva Rasberry

38 years as a public school educator, Marva’s vast professional experiences include Teacher, Counselor, Assistant Principal, Principal, Assistant Superintendent, Deputy Superintendent, and Chief Operations Officer. Marva specializes in curriculum/instruction/assessment, leadership development, professional development, and the development and implementation of innovative programs. Marva completed her undergraduate degree in Marketing and Business Education from Stephen F. Austin University. She completed her graduate studies at the University of Houston Main Campus in Administration and is currently enrolled in the University of Houston-Clear Lake Educational Leadership Doctoral Program. She has a passion for developing educators, while instilling in them the importance of “walking in purpose”. She is a “change agent” in the field of education leadership.

Deryk Ouseley.png

Senior Manager | Brand & Communications

Deryk Ouseley

Art Director, Artist, Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Writer with 20+ years experience leading creative teams and projects for advertising, branding, education, entertainment, interactive, marketing, products and publishing for profit, non-profit and government sectors. Previously an Art Director and Designer in the Toy industry – building brands & toy-lines for world distribution (Worx Toys). Designer and Illustrator of children's books; I want a Monkey, Do Fish Fart?, How to think like a Mushroom (OWC/ CWF). Licensing Graphic Designer working with various children's entertainment properties (DHX Media) including Caillou, Johnny Test & Yo Gabba Gabba. Interactive Illustrator & UX Designer for The World of Pia, an interactive girls storytelling platform.

Values that Drive Us

We are defined by our core values and we live these values in our daily lives. These values help us navigate our path through our brand mission. As a brand we understand that our values get transferred to the entire ecosystem including the students, parents, educators and society in general: hence they are immensely important to us.

  • Divine Discontent
    We believe that growth and learnability defines humanity and that remains one of our core values that gets reflected in our ecosystem and inspires them to make continual growth part of their daily lives. We strive for holistic development. Internalisation - Growth of our employees, our students, our parents and our partners is utmost important and we believe growth has to be balanced.
  • Persistent Growth
    We believe that growth and learnability defines humanity and that remains one of our core values that gets reflected in our ecosystem and inspires them to make continual growth part of their daily lives. We strive for holistic development. Internalisation - Growth of our employees, our students, our parents and our partners is utmost important and we believe growth has to be balanced.
  • Liquid and Linked
    We aren’t vapour that is disconnected. We aren’t ice that is connected but rigid. Instead, we are fluid and agile like water but still connected to each other. We acknowledge the different backgrounds and cultures we all come from yet we unite our unique viewpoints and diversity for the greater good. Internalisation - We are a start-up within a start-up. We are only successful if we stand as a team, wear multiple hats and exhibit agility in our actions. It’s vital for us to acknowledge & appreciate the diverse cultures & view-points that impacts our ecosystem, it’s the unity in diversity we seek.
  • Relentless Authenticity
    Our actions are a true reflection of our belief & values and our authenticity defines our curriculum, our statements, the food we serve the students and the attitude we carry everyday. It’s our way of life. Internalisation - Internally as an organization, this means that each of us needs to be true to what we are rather than trying to adjust & pretend what others want us to be. Just like our education, we believe in Assets Based hiring so that people are appreciated for the strengths they have.
Holistic Approach

Solutions for everyone.

Fueling Brains, with its unique mix of educational science, technology and child care expertise is overhauling the entire early childhood education ecosystem, for better. As an integrated early learning system, we believe in value creation for everyone in the ecosystem whether it's the existing preschools, child care centers, Government entities, Students, Educators and the Parents.

Learning System


Our School Solutions

The School

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