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Integrated Brain Development Suite

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Scientific Research Behind Fueling Brains

Download our “Scientific Research Behind Fueling Brains” report for a full breakdown of the research, theory and practices behind Fueling Brains and our programs.


The Fueling Brain approach


Brain Control Center

Executive Function

Executive functions are the mental processes that enable us to plan, focus, and juggle multiple tasks successfully. We can distinguish between three components: Working memory, Inhibitory control and Cognitive flexibility. All 3 are interlinked and influence each other.


Unique LRM Curriculum

The LRM Approach

Rather than resting on our laurels with a singular approach to development, we acknowledge & understand that each child has their own learning curve, and that's why our unique 3 in 1 curriculum picks up the best of Montessori, Reggio Emilia and Movement teaching philosophies. Our LRM learning system contains over 5000 different activities to develop the executive functions and fluid


Child Intelligence Tracking system

Child Intelligence Tracking

As pioneers in Early Childhood Education, we believe the world needs an informed approach to early learning, especially the development of executive function. That’s why we developed a state of the art, research based, Child Intelligence Tracking system. We pay attention to the core components of the brain that lead to the development of a child’s reading, speaking, comprehension and listening


Left Brain Learning

Left Brain Philosophy

The left part of our brain is the logical part that involves analytical and empirical aspects and to further develop it amongst our students, we draw inspiration from Dr. Maria Montessori’s philosophy for guiding children to develop their focus and concentration.


Right Brain Learning

Right Brain Philosophy

Our right brain classes are based on Reggio-inspired play based philosophy where passion, natural curiosity and inquiry act as the catalysts to the child’s learning & brain development.


Movement Learning

Movement Philosophy

Our movement philosophy is for all children to be exposed to a variety of movement experiences that will develop their knowledge, confidence and competence of fundamental movement skills, along with fostering positive social interactions.

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