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Growing -- your seeds

Plants are born to grow. Our role is to water them, nurture them and give them attention when needed. Rest everything is taken care by the Sun. Children are like Plants and the schools are the Sun they derive the growth essentials from; however as Parents, your involvement is of utmost importance. As an integrated early learning system, we are here to support you on every step so that you're best placed to play that vital role in your child's early learning & whole brain development.
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Find out your child’s executive function

Take our short assesment and learn how developed your child’s executive function is at their age. Pick the right test for the age below:

(0-24 months)


Junior Pre-School 
(2-3 years)

Early Childhood Education

Child Intelligence Tools

We live in a world where we can — and do — measure and optimize almost everything. But there is one area in which we have lagged: education, especially for children ages 0 to 6. We are Fueling Brains, pioneers in Early Childhood Education and we believe that the world needs an informed approach to early learning, especially when it comes to the development of executive function. And that’s why we developed a state of the art, research based, Child Intelligence Tracking system.

Coaching Programs for parents

Did you know Early childhood is the most critical time in terms of brain development in children. This is the time when children first learn how to interact with others including, peers, teachers and parents and begin to develop interests and ideas that will shape them into the individual they will grow to become! In this critical period of their development, Parents have an equally important role to play. With our research based Coaching program, we enable parents to play an active & informed role in carefully crafting the learning & development of their child at home.
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