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Prepare to become a Fueling Brains Certified Teacher

Register for virtual classes for the below modules and self-paced digital training to help you build modern skills in ECD and advance your career.

Becoming a Fueling Brains Teacher

Teachers are at the fulcrum of the learning process and we at Fueling Brains want to ensure that they are adequately equipped and empowered to support the holistic development of children.The FB approach to ECE is one of its kind and we understand and realize the need to equip our teachers with the relevant knowledge and skills to support their classroom teaching. From introductory courses and workshops, to more comprehensive certification courses, FB provides teachers with ample opportunities for professional development.The courses cover a broad range of topics ranging from brain development in children, executive functions and their development, left brain, right brain and movement approach to teaching-learning, classroom management, teaching strategies/techniques and many more.They can be taken by educators, special educators, para-professionals, curriculum leaders, counsellors, school leaders/administrators to build their understanding around the Fueling Brains approach to Early Childhood Education.The courses we offer are up-to-date and innovative areas of Early Childhood Education having both theoretical and practical components. The participants of the courses will be supported throughout the duration of the course by content area experts and coaches.


  • Diving deep in Executive Functions

  • Fundamentals of Maria Montessori method

  • Fundamentals of Reggio Emilia approach

  • Adverse childhood experience

  • Fundamentals of Executive Functions

  • Classroom management, positive discipline

  • Project-based learning


Brain Framework

  • Fueling Brain learning system

  • Documentation based on Reggio Emilia approach

  • Classroom management: Positive Discipline

  • Leadership in my classroom

  • Special needs in early childhood education

  • Knowing myself, knowing my students

  • Working with families


FB Certified Teacher

  • Leading school teams

  • Brain metric health.

  • Lesson plans based on child development

  • Potentializing my students abilities.

  • Moving brain, learning brain

  • Leading teacher-families teams.

  • My mental health, my students mental health.

  • Self-care for teachers.

  • 10 hours of Practicum (Live Online Teaching)

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