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Fueling Brains has, over a period of time, tried & perfected the integrated learning system for Early Childhood Education that is not just ground-breaking but scalable.
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School District Programs

The Fueling Brains integrated early learning system has been tried & perfected over almost a decade. We have built partnerships with some of the most appreciated School Districts across North America. Our approach to integration with existing school district boards is built on 3 layers i.e. Integrate, Iterate & Innovate. We begin with a keen understanding of the existing systems within the school board, build a strong relationship with the teachers & administration by understanding the areas of improvement and then accordingly integrate our system within the existing system seamlessly. This way, it compliments the positive aspects that are already in place and creates opportunities of improvement, wherever possible. Post integration, we aim for continual improvement by making iterations that are realistic to implement operationally and strategically. Ultimately, within a short period of time and without any disruption, the school district begins to experience innovation across the board. That's one of the many reasons why some of the best district school boards have trusted us.
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Headstart Program

When it comes to applying our brain development system in a district or school or even classroom, we’ve done the work beforehand. We’ve identified the key signs of executive functions development, and we can quickly and accurately assess a large student population. This way, we can tell which students have strong cognitive flexibility, but need improvement with working memory. Or which students struggle with inhibitory control, but show excellent progress with adaptability. And these takeaways are not isolated and kept in a box—they are immediately applicable to how you deliver content, as well as what content to deliver. We’ve made the connections so that you don’t have to. Moreover, when it comes to federal, state and local guidelines, we’ve done the work. The Fueling Brains system has been built specifically to meet government regulations from across the United States, so that we don’t need to spend valuable time figuring out how to cross our t’s and dot our i’s. It’s because we’ve done this hard work in advance that we can focus on the needs of an individual district, classroom or even student.
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Becoming Fueling Brains powered School

Okay, so we’ve made it easy for you. Are you still wondering why Fueling Brains? Put aside for the moment that our system can improve graduation rates, reduce dropout rates, and increase overall performance on standardized tests such as the SAT or ACT. Forget that Fueling Brains can help a greater proportion of students get into advanced placement classes, or the top colleges in the country. You can even drop, for now, the knowledge that we can help prepare your students not just for academic success but for a lifetime of learning and personal growth. Here’s our most important claim. It’s a bold one, but it’s also one we can back up with expertise, experience and evidence. We will make your state, your district, your school, your classroom—whatever it is—an education superstar. Everyone will ask, how did you do it? You’ll tell them it was grit, determination, a focus on all students as well as each individual student, and a passion for learning. Oh yeah, and Fueling Brains helped with all of that. You’ll nearly forget about us! Why? Because we made it so easy. That’s our promise at Fueling Brains. Give us a shot, and let’s make the change happen.
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Supercharge Enrollments

As a pioneer in Early Education, we have done in-depth research to understand the different archetypes of parents, their challenges and their aspirations. Parents have different needs and so do children. We understand this better with the help of our data analysis. We then derive insights from this data and with the expertise of our in-house content, creative & marketing studio, we make sure we reach our target audience in the most cost efficient manner, in the most appropriate context, with the most apt content to drive our message home. We have a proven track record of supercharging enrollments for many of our partner schools. We are happy to help!
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Teacher Training Program

One of the core components of our integration with any existing preschool or headstart program is value & skills transfer to the existing educators. Our training program for teachers & assistant teachers bring them upto speed with the deep understanding of the Executive Function, Brain Development, features & functionalities of the Child Intelligence Dashboard, 3 in 1 LRM curriculum & planning, Scope & Sequence and many other important elements that lead to whole brain development.

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